Much to his surprise, Alexander Verster was born in South Africa, but soon ended up in New Zealand, and eventually London, where ambitions of becoming European have been delayed.

What started off as a serious attempt at being a jazz bass guitarist/drummer eventually resulted in Alexander becoming a professional classical musician, but life is full of pleasant contradictions, such as ‘double bass solo music’, or ‘third-person autobiography’. In his spare time, he enjoys going to work.

In all seriousness (how much could there possibly be?) the idea behind this website is simply to share my work; if music and poems are to be considered a form of communication, then it needs an audience… I welcome anyone to use my transcriptions and compositions free of charge, and hope these may be of particular interest to other double bassists seeking accessible repertoire for the instrument.

My transcriptions are pieces that I consider to be ‘viable’ because they are not already commonly performed, and don’t suffer too much musical compromise in being subjected to performance on the double bass (‘too much’ of course, like milk and vibrato, being a matter of taste).

My Micro Essays are just compositions for which I haven’t found the right notes yet.