I am pleased to report, as a reformed contrarian
that I have tired of contradiction 
and seek to replace it with contrast (and contrabass),
but there's a case to be made that contrast
taken to its logical extreme is contradiction
and with contra meaning against, 
perhaps it is fitting that in whittling 
away at the prefix I am confronted 
with con; meaning with

[Again! And this time] with meaning, 
with movement, with soul, 
con anima, con moto, con sordini passione, 
(in continued effort of this test) 
I might suggest that the 
conductor during concert 
becomes a conduit 
to convey the flows of feeling,
the confluence of which 
converts beauty into meaning

Much like the poet who 
contrives to construct 
a similar sensation but in 
conflating meaning things may become 
convoluted and confusing 
quite unfortunate when the intent was to 
confer, not confound.
But is this not precisely how artistic license shows 
that poetry conspires to reveal the cons in prose?

Well then, some concluding remarks 
concerning my considerable good fortune 
(this cannot continue)
to be granted consciousness 
to contemplate our condition 
and yet find myself content(!), 
even if the concept is fleeting without contingency. 
Although the French have a word for people like me 
I think (with consternation) 
it too is a con but I wouldn't drop that 
into polite conversation.

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