This is just a poem

    Yes, this is just a poem.
    I can prove it: observe this line 
    break in the middle of a sentence,
    quod erat demonstrandum.
    By wilful designation perhaps, 
    but a poem nonetheless; 
the only job where words are fit for purpose. 
    An artistic transmission 
    where anything could be 
    plausibly misconstrued, 
    as truth, and if
    mistakenly found in here, 
    must be excused as mere 
    superficial resemblance, 
    or collateral damage,
    or returned to its owner,
    with my apologies;
    an artistic admission;
    absolved from academic rigour,
    disgraced by irreverence. 
    You'll have to decide yourself, 
    based on the evidence.

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